Khwan Phusrisom
ISBN: 9781916356306
Length: vi , 192  Pages
Dimensions: 210mm x 17.6mm x 148mm
Price: £6.95
Published: 09/07/2020
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Khwan Phusrisom has scoured the world for fascinating new evidence about Siam in the First World War. At its heart is the account by Sergeant Kleuap Kaysorn describing Thai soldiers’ experiences supporting the US Army in the Maas-Argonne offensive. The warm relationship between the Thais and the Americans shines through.

Eye-opening documents reveal why the Thai King Rama VI Vajiravudh joined the Allies. He maintained his father King Chulalongkorn’s ties to Lord Armstrong in Northeast England. Rama VI was an Oxford graduate, sensitive to German atrocities against Belgian, English and Asian civilians. With courage and intelligence, he foresaw a grim price if Imperial Germany controlled more of Asia. The book studies the horrific Spanish Flu virus pneumonia pandemic with echoing lessons.

Khwan lays out new appraisals of King Vajiravudh and Kaiser Wilhelm II. She brings characters to life translating King Rama VI’s own letters, speeches and poetry, with chilling lost quotes on racism and murder from the Kaiser and Kaysorn’s superb Thai humour. Newly-discovered pictures and artefacts from the time help to place the reader everywhere the Thai soldiers went.


About the Author

Khwan Phusrisom BSc FRSA FRAS is Director of Baan Dong Bang Museum and Education Centre, Yang Talat. She has led heritage events with European Union support in Germany and England. Her PhD is on Anglo-Siamese relations. She lived in the Rhineland for 2 years whilst researching for this book.


Arrived safe and on time – very VERY pleased and a good read.
Mike, England

This looks to be a fascinating book, received very quickly. Many thanks.
Gill, Wales

A handsome volume and I love the covering. One of my copies has gone to Thailand.
Duncan, Canada

I read it all in one day.  It was very interesting reading a personal story of WW1.
Willy, Netherlands

Interesting book. Received within 24 hrs. Can’t wait to read!
Jessy, London

The book is very exciting. The whole family is enjoying reading it.
Dawn, Northumberland

It is a very interesting book indeed. The more I read, the more I love to explore that period of time, going back to history in order to prepare for the present.
Waraporn, Thailand

This was a very interesting and surprising read.
Johnny, England